Basic CPR (Adult, Child and Infant)

This course is aimed at equipping people with basic CPR knowledge and skill so that they are able to react appropriately in a crisis requiring immediate medical intervention. This course is ideal for laypersons with no prior medical knowledge. In a single 3 hour session, course participants are taught how to:

• recognise the need for CPR
• ensure scene safety
• assess the victim
• access emergency services
• perform CPR on adults, children and infants
• management of Choking in adults, children and infants
• airway management and the recovery position.

Each course participant will receive an American Heart Association CPR manual, a course attendance card from the South African Resuscitation Council and a keyring pouch with resuscitation barrier device and gloves.

Training Session: 3 Hours
Cost: R430 incl VAT per person

This course will afford members 2500 points on the Discovery Vitality Points system

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