Basic First Aid for Children with CPR

This course combines the content of the Basic First Aid for Children course, with the addition of CPR for children. It is ideal for parents or people who work with children – specifically teachers, teacher’s assistants, facilitators of Early Childhood Development Programmes and sports coaches.

Information is provided about child safety and Basic First Aid for Children, including:

  • CPR for Children
  • breathing problems
  • choking
  • bad allergic reactions (including use of an Epipen)
  • seizures (including febrile seizures)
  • shock
  • bleeding
  • nose bleeds
  • tooth and mouth injuries
  • eye injuries
  • head injuries
  • care of broken limbs, sprains and bruises
  • burns and electrocution
  • bites and stings and poisoning.

Each course participant will receive a SafeMed First Aid for Children manual, a course attendance card from the South African Resuscitation Council and a keyring pouch with resuscitation barrier device and gloves.

Training Session: 4H30
Cost: R575 incl VAT per person

This course will afford members 2500 points on the Discovery Vitality Points system

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