Basic First Aid for Adults with CPR

This course combines the content of the Basic First Aid course, with the addition of CPR for adults. It is aimed at equipping people with basic First Aid knowledge and skill so that they are able to react appropriately in a crisis requiring immediate medical intervention. The course is intended for those who are expected to provide First Aid or CPR in the workplace, for family members of people who have a condition that may require immediate medical response, and for other laypersons wanting to learn the skills of CPR and First Aid for adults.

In a single 5H00 session, course participants are taught how to manage a variety of medical emergencies, injuries and environmental emergencies, including:

• CPR for adults
• Choking
• bad allergic reactions
• heart attack
• fainting
• diabetes and low blood sugar
• stroke
• seizures
• shock
• bleeding

Course participants will receive a SafeMed First Aid and CPR Reference Guide and a keyring pouch with resuscitation barrier device and gloves.

Training Session: 5H00
Cost: R575 incl VAT per person

This course will afford members 2500 points on the Discovery Vitality Points system

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