Course Reviews


‘Thanks so much for my certificate and for forwarding my details to Discovery for the points! I wanted to mention that Ayesha was fantastic !  She kept us entertained with pertinent real life examples and role plays and for those of us that have attended a good few of these workshops in our lives … she brought some freshness and fun to the course without compromising on the serious reasons for acquiring this knowledge!  Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to her … from us all!!’ November 2018

‘The course was a awesome! Your instructor was absolutely excellent, standing in the baking sun for 4 hours so we could be shaded. Laughed & learned. Perfect combo! Very impressed & highly recommend it to everyone I know.’ October 2018

‘Thanks so much, we all really enjoyed the course, and Ayesha was really great. The information  was shared in a professional but not ‘stuffy’ manner and the time went so quickly. I will highly recommend your services to anyone needing to do a CPR course – in fact, some other clients of mine are still keen, so perhaps in a few months I will get in touch with you again. Please say a big Thanks to Ayesha, and huge complements to her on here presentation style! Cheers.’ August 2018

‘Thanks very much for running the course. Thomas has already put his learning to the test (did a good job bandaging up my wife’s forehead after she cut it on a car door – it needed 4 stitches at casualty!) and he has a tendency now to pounce on anyone with the smallest of medical issues. It’s very heartening to see! Thanks again.’ August 2018

‘…Anyway, just wanted to say a very big thank you to you and your amazing team for the two courses that you ran for us. Having attended the course myself last Saturday, I can honestly say it was simply great. The course content and presentation were exactly what we needed for our various group leaders and the practical sessions brought all the theory together in an easy to understand way.’ KwayVOB, July 2018

Comments from Basic CPR Courses:

“Hi just completed the above course. Please send my thanks to Joshua who was absolutely brilliant. This teaching and knowledge is outstanding. Looking forward to attending more.
Kim x”

“I really enjoyed the workshop. It was presented so well and your presenter was very professional and organised.” Oct 2017

‘Thank you for putting together a really interesting course- we really enjoyed our CPR course on Saturday!’

‘Thanks again for a well presented and enjoyable CPR course’

Comments from ANC CPR Courses:

‘Hubby and I were both so impressed with the course we attended and feel a lot more confident now about  being able to help our little girl as well as other children and adults, should the need arise.  The way you presented the course was so amazing – I love the technical detail about mechanics of the body and feel so much more knowledgeable! Will definitely be recommending your services to all our friends!’

A must for every parent! Attending your course gave us the reassurance that we will know what to do should we find ourselves in a situation where giving CPR will save a life.’

‘a very big thank you for the class – we’re so glad we attended. We found the information was clear and delivered in a manor the was accessible. Having said this is was nice to have you at hand to answer questions and to demonstrate.’

‘This is THE MOST outstanding course – every expectant parent should do this course before the birth of their baby. Such invaluable information and so well presented. A fun AND educational morning’

‘Thank you for a very interesting and informative course this morning. It was very well presented. I cannot wait for my husband to attend!’


Comments from First Aid for Children (with CPR) Courses:

14 June 2015
‘The course was EXCELLENT. So fun and fresh and informative and I learnt new tricks!
I will recommend it to everyone.’

21 July 2015
‘Well I never thought that I would come away from a first aid course, feeling good
and empowered.’
‘I’ve learned such a lot today and in a manner that did not allow me to get
‘Thank you for a great session and I will have no problem recommending the

6 September 2015
‘I really loved every minute and I was dreading it based on cpr courses I had attended previously. I actually feel I could handle an ’emergency’ situation if I had to.’

June 2015
‘The teachers at our school do a course every two years. This was by far the best presented, most informative AND enjoyable course we have done.’

July 2015
‘Thank you so much for a seriously good experience and I can’t believe how much I now know and did not know before!’
‘Thank you! The course was brilliant. Much more than I expected. I feel much better prepared now.’
‘A big thanks to you. I found the course very informative and well structured!’
‘Thanks for a great course. We learnt a lot and were all very impressed! So glad I did it!’
‘Fabulously presented course. So helpful to practice the skills instead of just listening and watching. Will recommend it to everyone we know!

August 2015
‘Thank you so much for this morning – was EXCELLENT!!! Invaluable knowledge’
‘What a brilliant course. Thank you’
‘Thank you so much for an amazing course – you are brilliant at your job’
‘I took so much out of the course. All the information was explained so well and at a level that we could understand without having a medical background. Vanessa explained WHY we need to do each action instead of just WHAT we have to do which has helped me remember and understand each step. This has not been the case in courses I have done in the past.
I would highly recommend this course. Vanessa has a fun, experienced approach. I felt empowered, thank you Vanessa.’

Comments from Facebook:

‘Spent the entire morning doing a CPR and First Aid for Children course. It was absolutely incredible and run so, so well by Vanessa Pickford. She is excellent and efficient and makes you feel completely at ease! Vanessa also runs courses for groups of dads and nanny’s. Well worth the measly R450 you pay for this invaluable knowledge that can ultimately save someones life!’

May 2015
‘Tx so much for the course. Everything was perfect and was very well presented. I would not change a thing’
‘This was by far the best course we have attended – and we have done a few since our children were born. This course stood apart from all the others because of the explanations as to WHY we do certain things and WHY there are other things we should not do. It was such an invaluable experience. We will recommend it to all our friends and family.’
‘I was feeling a bit apprehensive about attending today, but….I was blown away! All my expectations were far exceeded! I am so glad I attended. Excellent course, Vanessa!’

March 2015
‘Many thanks for an awesome course.  I have been on 2 courses so far, Jeremy on a few more, and we both agree that your course was the most useful and most comprehensive.  Unfortunately we had to apply our knowledge during Christmas when poor little Abby choked on a bean, thankfully she is fine!  If it were not for your course, the outcome may have been different.  Now having the knowledge of what to do in an emergency situation as well as which emergency service to call when needed, is such a reassuring thought and kicked in the moment Abby was in distress!  084124!!!!’
Hazel Waldron

December 2014
‘I found your course both greatly informative as well as inspiring! Thank you for passing your knowledge on to me… I have no doubt I will find it very useful if not in my career, then in my every day life!’

Comments from BLS Courses:

24 January 2015
‘I feel comfortable and confident to assist in an emergency situation now – thank you’
‘It was really well presented. I feel confident with CPR’

7 February 2015
‘Great Presentation by Fiona. Excellent course content in presentation’
‘I enjoyed this presentation. Thank you’
‘Very well presented and helpful. Knowledge made applicable. Much more confident now’
‘Very practical and helpful course’
‘Clear and concise presentation – thank you’

21 February 2015
‘Trainer well prepared and approachable during course. Sharing her scenarios made it easier to relate to what’s really happening in real life and more at ease to apply knowledge than before doing the course.’

7 March 2015
‘It was surprisingly enjoyable and fun!’
‘Excellent instructor and course’
‘Brilliantly presented course. I was dreading doing a CPR update and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.’

21 March 2015
‘Course very useful. Huge strength was the good emphasis on important aspects of CPR’
‘I have been doing this course every two years and this was the best course thus far!’
‘Well instructed – I learned a lot’
‘BLS should be compulsory for all healthcare providers – what an excellent course’
‘Fiona was interactive with the group and assisted and supportive with learning techniques’

11 April 2015
‘Well presented. Questions well handed. Provided positive feedback. Fiona knowledgeable and provided good examples from practice.’
‘Small class setting excellent’
‘Thank you for and excellent presentation’

18 April 2015
‘This was brilliant and very informative. Something useful to use in practice. Overall very well presented. Thank you’
‘Very good course and well presented’
‘Great course. Very informative and relevant. Amazing instructor with good overall knowledge.’
‘Fantastic course, very informative, knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructor.’
‘Thank you. Very positive experience.’
‘Great to be able to rehearse clinically relevant scenarios.’

16 May 2015
‘Very informative and I enjoyed the course’
‘I enjoyed the course – thank you!’
‘Best course I’ve done thus far!’
‘Well done on a brilliant course’

23 May 2015
‘Very informative and enjoyable. Very reassuring knowing that I will be able to do CPR in and out of the work environment’
‘Really well presented and worthwhile’
‘Excellent course – excellently presented.’
‘Exceeded my expectations’

20 June 2015
‘Excellent course – would really recommend it to my colleagues’

27 June 2015
‘The course work was clear and the reading material and audiovisual equipment helped prepare you for the prac test. I liked the fact that we had our own manikins to work on – very helpful, and all the equipment was in excellent order.’
‘Thank you for a fantastic course’

4 July 2015
‘Course was well paced with good, clear instructions’
‘Very well run course – not nearly as boring as ones I’ve done in the past. Time was well managed. Really liked the balance between practice and video time.’

15 July 2015
‘Knowledge was comprehensive and well understood. My confidence has been stimulated. I feel compelled to share knowledge with family and friends’
‘Good and effective course’
‘Very educational course. I would recommend it to anyone to do’
‘Really enjoyed the course – excellent, well-spoken and knowledgeable instructor made the course work relevant to all our workplaces’
‘Far exceeded any prior BLS training – will recommend it to all!’

18 July 2015
‘Outstanding on every level!’
‘Very clear and simple sequences Therefore easy to recall. Repetition of main points very helpful’

25 July 2015
‘I really enjoyed the course. It was good to practice all the skills and make sure they were done effectively.’
‘Fantastic course – thank you! The use of the DVD and demonstration was a great asset. Could find no weaknesses with the course!’
‘A fabulous course – I really enjoyed it!’

15 August 2015
‘It was very practical and presented in a well planned systematic way’.
‘Well organised and a good size class. Video’s clear and lots of time to practice!’
‘Excellent knowledge, excellent feedback throughout, and excellent pace of learning. Adequate practice on each technique’.
‘Interesting and a good learning experience’.
‘Excellent course. Instructor was brilliant. Really enjoyed the course’.

29 August 2015
‘I thoroughly enjoyed a very informative session. Vanessa has a very easy way of bringing across her knowledge, experience and the info of the course’.
‘Everything was insightful and fun. Enjoyed the practical part of the course’.

12 September 2015
‘Excellent course’
‘Excellent presentation. Very good’
‘It was an excellent course Vanessa, thank you.’

Comments from Emergency Care Level 1 Courses:

July 2014
Enjoyed the course very much. It was presented clearly and in a friendly environment’
‘Really enjoyed a brilliantly presented course – the time just flew’

August 2014
Very, very good and happy to have been part of this’
‘Excellent presentation’
‘Cant fault the course in any way’
‘The video/course material is well supplemented by the instructor. Her experiences help to internalise the information’
‘Awesome course!’
‘Presenters enunciation of the course material was impeccable!’

September 2014
‘Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thank you ladies for the wonderful training.’

October 2014
‘Great course – well presented and FUN’

November 2014
‘I am very happy with this course. Have had a number of First Aid courses – but definitely this was my best. The CPR was great. Having a smaller class was wonderful.’
‘One of the clearest and most pleasant First Aid courses I have ever attended! I feel a confident First Aider: Thank you Fiona for all efforts, care and attention to detail.’

January 2015
‘Both presenters were brilliant, I had fun and really learned a lot’
‘Wonderful, knowledgeable, passionate instructors who conveyed all topics in a accessible, interesting way making sure all participants were included and on the same level.’
‘Wonderful learning from passionate professionals. For everyone – should be mandatory from school level. What a wonderful experience!’ Jonathan Friedgood
‘They were the best instructors I have ever seen! It was a brilliant course and I would recommend them’

March 2015
‘A very well presented course. Really enjoyed it and feel more confident in my skills’
‘I thoroughly enjoyed the course and presenters were excellent and made topics very easy to understand.’
‘Thank you for a wonderful course. It was really very informative. I would recommend it without hesitation to anyone.’
‘An incredible course that had my attention beginning to end. Interactive and practical – thank you.’

April 2015
‘Everything was presented very well – I wouldnt mind repeating the course!’
‘The presenter are well equipped and informed regarding the material. The videos and practical application worked well together’
‘I enjoyed everything you taught me!’
‘Everything was well organised.’
‘The instructors / facilitators were amazing!’
‘Excellent! So happy with this course.’
‘I enjoyed taking this course and learnt a lot. It helped to clear up a lot of myths as well. The presenters are really good!’
‘Their experience and real world examples are a great help. Knowledge was routinely tested, and presenters were engaging.’
‘The training was great and the way it was presented was excellent because now I am able to perform first aid without fear or hiccups.’

Comments from Carer Training Courses:

WUCT carers recently attended 3 excellent training workshops run by 2 Professional Nursing Sisters, namely Fiona Pieterse and Vanessa Pickford, both with ICU and extensive training experience, whose company is called Safe-Med. The workshops focused on hygiene, bed washes, CPR for adults, children and babies, choking, heart attacks, strokes and wound dressings. Needless to say, the workshops were extremely informative and the carers learnt a lot from these very professional and experienced nursing sisters. We would like to thank them for coming and training our carers and look forward to the next training workshop.’

The carers for Compassion in Action in Grassy Park are in the process of receiving training from Safe-Med.’