Emergency Care Level 1

This course is geared towards persons requiring a Department of Labour first aid certificate for work purposes.

In this course, participants are taught how to perform basic life support and first aid for a range of trauma and medical emergencies. As this course is accredited through the Department of Labour, it is recommended for corporate’s, industry and members of the public wishing to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, General Safety Regulation 3 (4) (d).

The curricula covers:

• Principles of emergency care, safety and emergency scene management
• CPR and choking
• Management of wounds and bleeding
• Burns
• Shock
• Heart attack
• Stroke
• Hypo/hyperthermia
• Fractures and splinting
• Diabetes
• Epilepsy
• Fainting and other causes of unconsciousness

Upon course completion, participants will be expected to demonstrate competency through a written test and practical skills assessment.

Course participants will receive an Emergency Care Level 1 manual and a keyring pouch with resuscitation barrier device and gloves.

Training session: 18 Hours, including practical and written assessments
Cost: R1220 incl VAT per person

Emergency Care Level 1 Certificate valid for 3 years

This course will afford members 2500 points on the Discovery Vitality Points system

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